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Louis Koerner


Louis R. Koerner, Jr. is best known for his passion for advocating on behalf of clients and their families. "Mr. Louis" has nearly fifty years experience practicing complex litigation and is a remarkably skilled negotiator. A native New Orleanian, Mr. Louis moved briefly to Houma following Hurricane Katrina while his law office underwent repair, and now operates offices in both cities. A true family man and outdoorsman, he enjoys gardening, jogging and walking his dog, Abelard. The law firm's resident feline is Gris-Gris le Chat.   koerner@koerner-law.com


Anne Parr anne@koerner-law.com
Legal Administrator, Webmaster and Legal Proofreader (Houma office)


Alex Paquette alex@koerner-law.com
Law Clerk (New Orleans office)


Marina Biragova marina@koerner-law.com
Law Clerk (New Orleans office)

Roger Sullivan roger@koerner-law.com
File Clerk and IT Coordinator
(New Orleans office)




Attorney Louis R. Koerner, Jr.

Défenseurs de la justice

Having more than 40 years experience in every type of litigation, Louis Koerner has tried hundreds of cases. He has appeared before federal and state courts of appeal, the Louisiana Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mailing address: 1204 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130